Rose Water 120ml


  • Premium Quality
  • 100% Natural
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Rose water has been revered by many cultures throughout the centuries for its pleasing aroma in foods and drinks, as a natural skin toner and as a lovely fragrance for both men and women.

AL Khair Rose water is distilled from fine rose petals, and is without any additive or preservative. A pleasing fragrance and a natural skin toner, gently sinking in and giving your skin a refreshing feel by removing impurities and dust particles. AL Khair’s extra strength Rose Water lasts up to 12 hours on fabric and can be used orally (as laxative) and externally.

A fragrant moisturizing liquid ideally after a bath to deodorize and leave a rose scent on your skin. High quality rose oil & rose water mixture obtained by natural extraction of organic rose petals to refresh the face.


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