Softfit Healthcare
  • Adjustable Body Posture Corrector Belt for Men and Women

    • Designed to reduce pressure on the spine and upper back pain.
    • Correct detachment and bad posture
    • Treat neck Pain, relieves headaches and reduces forward head syndrome,
    • Adjustable strap adaptable to your compression level.
    • Breathable, Comfortable, lightweight and can be worn under or over clothing without sweating.
    • One size fit Men, Women, Children.
  • Diabi Socks – Diabetic Socks (Cotton Breathable Comfortable Socks)

    • 100% Cotton Socks
    • Specially for Diabetic Patients
    • Breathable Comfortable Socks
    • Physicians Recommended product
    • Medicated Material for Diabetic Patients
    • Extra Stretch For Improved Blood Circulation
    • Towel Cushioned Sole to keep feet dry
    • Anti Bacterial & Anti fungus growth

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