Al Khair Naturals

  • Organic Olive Miswak (Zaitoon Miswak)

    • Extracted from Olive/Zaitoon tree
    • Organic, Raw and Unprocessed Miswak
    • Hygienically packed Miswak
     50.00 80.00
  • 100% Natural Neem Miswak – Neem Toothbrush – Organic Neem Chew Sticks

    • Protects you against bacteria
    • Protects And Strengthens the Gums
    • Anticarcinogenic And Analgesic
    • Strengthens your gums
    • Prevent plaque & cavities
    • Teeth whitening
    • Eliminates bad odor
    • Fights Tooth Decay and Cavities
    • Protects Against Tartar and Plaque
    • Removes Malodor
    • Fights Harmful Bacteria and Germs
  • Black Seed Lozenges with Honey – Single Strip

    Your daily immune booster!

    • For Viral Cough & Sore Throat
    • Reduces duration & severity of Cough
    • Soothes Sore Throat
    • Works as your Daily Immune booster
  • Sandalwood Soap

    Reduces dark spots
    Naturally helps in removal of sun tan
    Reduces acne causing bacteria
    Contains natural anti-aging properties

  • Black Seed Shampoo

    • Black Seed Shampoo
    • Strengthens the Hair Follicle
    • Improves Scalp Health
  • Black Seed Lozenges with Honey – Box (10 Strips)

    Your daily immune booster!

    • For Viral Cough & Sore Throat
    • Reduces duration & severity of Cough
    • Soothes Sore Throat
    • Works as your Daily Immune booster
  • Miswak Toothpaste – Fluoride Free

    • Fluoride free
    • Whitens your teeth
    • Strengthens your gums
    • Prevents tooth decay
    • Reduces plaque
    • Prevents gingivitis
  • Black Seed Soap (Kalonji Soap)

    • Premium Quality
    • Kalonji oil based Soap for skin and hair Beauty
    • Weight: 90 gm
  • Black Seed (Kalongi) Oil Softgel Capsules

    It is 100% pure, free from any additives or preservatives, and contains all benefits & healing properties Black Seed has.

    • Fusion Toggle Heading
    • Fights Fungal Infections
    • Reduces Allergies (Sinus Infections)
    • Infection Killer
    • Boosts Fertility
    • Treat Coughs and Asthama
    • and Many more…
  • Black Seed Face Wash

    Green Valley Black Seed face wash has been formulated with Real Black Seed Extract, helping you to prevent & reduce acne, dark spots & excess oil on the skin. It clears away dirt and impurities from deep down, leaving your skin clean, soft & smooth.

  • Activated Charcoal Soap – | For Premature Aging | Natural Glycerin | Transparent Soap | For Complete Skin Care

    • Removes impurities from the skin
    • Clears skin Blemishes
    • Makes Skin Firmer
    • Prevents Premature Aging
  • Anti Bacterial Soap with Tea Tree

    Antibacterial soap with tea tree oil provides strong protection from germs and keeps your skin soft, smooth & naturally clean

    • Genuine & Premium Quality Product
    • Good for both Face & Body
    • Weight: 90gm
    • Cleanses & Purifies Skin

AL Khair premium natural products have grasped some of these gifts with the hand of gratitude and creativity to develop, refine and present these gifts of humanity. With this objective in mind, sincere focused hard work was put in to develop and present premium quality products of the highest international standards from raw material selection to production to the final polished presentation innovatively with the hallmark of AL Khair quality. For over 20 years, AL Khair has been dedicated to helping people improve their physical and spiritual well-being by providing pure, premium products aligned with a healthy life style.

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